Dallas Texas real estate lawyer


THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN ABERGEL P.C. (“LOAA“) provides real estate legal services to real estate investors, developers, lenders, architects, and contractors throughout Texas.  LOAA offers, lease and purchase and sale negotiating and contract drafting services, and structuring arrangements services, which minimize future disagreements between parties by reducing any ambiguities concerning the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant or buyer and seller.

LOAA’s practice in this area includes representation in virtually all areas of real estate, land use and zoning matters. In addition, LOAA represents clients regarding real property due diligence including title examination, and structuring ownership entities and financing arrangements.

LOAA is regularly involved in negotiating and preparing real estate acquisition, design, construction, leasing, and financing agreements, and in closing real estate acquisitions.   LOAA is committed to providing its clients with personalized attention and high-quality legal representation. LOAA understands the importance of timely and cost-effective solutions to real estate, land use and zoning issues

LOAA also provides defense representation to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) licensees.

TREC license holders are governed by the Texas Real Estate License Act, the Inspector Act, and the Timeshare Act. These Acts establish the makeup of the Commission and its advisory committees and outline procedures by which a person can become real estate license holders in Texas. The Acts also describe TREC’s jurisdiction over license holders and registrants.

TREC has the authority to adopt administrative rules to provide specificity to provisions of the Acts. TREC may also adopt rules to establish a policy regarding certain practices. Both the Acts and TREC rules are a great resource for helping consumers know what to expect from a real estate service provider.

The LAW OFFICES OF ALAN ABERGEL, P.C. (“LOAA”) represents individuals, businesses, and developers with real estate, land use and zoning concerns before local, city, state and federal government authorities throughout Tarrant, Dallas and surrounding counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area.