Texas Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License Lawyer

Alan Abergel is an attorney licensed by both the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of California.  

A motor vehicle installment sale is a two-party transaction between a retail seller and a retail buyer for a personal use vehicle.  Both sellers and holders of retail installment contracts are required to have motor vehicle sales finance licenses (“MVSF”).  Businesses required to be licensed by the OCCC include, but are not limited to:  Dealers Holding contracts, Dealers Assigning Contracts, and Acceptance Companies.

Texas MVSFs are licensed and regulated by Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC), and are also regulated by other Texas and federal government agencies.


  •  Assistance with obtaining a Texas Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License and with license application requirements.
  •  Assistance with transfer of a Texas Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License.
  • Advice concerning compliance with Texas consumer credit laws for OCCC licensees.
  • Advice concerning compliance for Texas auto dealers holding auto retail installment contracts, dealers assigning such contracts, and Acceptance Companies.
  • Advice concerning State and Federal consumer credit laws
  • Drafting and revising consumer credit documents, including auto retail sales installment contracts and ancillary documents to comply with regulatory requirements governing MVSFs.
  • Representation before CFPB.
  • Representation in OCCC investigations, administrative hearings, and enforcement proceedings.
  • Representation in investigations by CFPB.
  • M&A transactions involving Texas MVSFs and other OCCC licensees.
  • Private securities offering transactions and PPMs involving Texas MVSFs and other OCCC licensees.